This is a test. This is only a test that responds to Neversealand and Horsesmouth and others who are responsible for regular “today’s mermaids” and “fish on fridays,” whether these be AMF sunfish or real scaly ones.



The sign above graces the front porch of an antique shop not far from the Champlain Canal. I took the foto on my return from the Winooski last week.

So, do I join Neversealand, Horsesmouth, and others with my variation or not? If I do this this, my sense says the foto needs be taken by me or relief crew of representations on/in anything but human flesh (although tattoos like these from Samoa could be nice). No corporate logos like the Starbucks image are allowed. Instead, we look for one-off drawings/carvings/paintings, and best-yet: figureheads. Coats-of-arms are fine, and classical references–women or men–fit the billet.

My questions: start this series at all? For alliterative purposes, would I keep it in mind for Saturdays or for Sundays, ie, “scales on saturdays”? Call it “scales” or “sirens” or alternate? I like that both have other directions to pull in.

Let me know what you think, please.

Photo, WVD.