First you decide on a course. Or someone commands you to steer a course. Then, if you’re at the helm of 80-year-old tug Governor Cleveland, here’s what you act on, a conventional wheel.



If you’ve at the helm in the upper wheelhouse of Janice Ann Reinauer (see bottom foto at that link), you’ll steer just as well with the tiny monkey-fist knob on the joystick lower right.



I wonder how helmsmen will steer ships 80 years from now and what courses will hold value.

Steering or not, we’re all nearly at the end of another year. This is my last post for 2007 and until mid-January. It’s time –as happened last year– to head up the Winooski.  If you’re in New York, steer your way down to South Street any day now to see the Peking move!  Or steer yourself down to the Narrows to see the three Queens . That’ll happen a week or so after Three Kings Day.


All photos, WVD.


2007 has brought me its highs and lows. Thanks for reading and commenting. Enjoy the archives. I wish you all a better 2008. Peace everywhere and joy!  This last foto by coyote.