First, kudos to him who goes by “Danny from Bruklin” for identifying fjorder’s scene with the sea otter as Monterrey Bay, specifically Santa Cruz harbor. Danny, you’re up . . . when you’re up for it.

The next two fotos come from coyote, who submitted earlier gypsum 1 and 2 foto sets. Below . . . what executes turn decisions aboard Gypsum King.



Blue and rust red outside, but mostly white inside: it’s the inside top end of Gypsum King‘s steering system showing hydraulic actuators. Make a decision and one cylinder retracts as the other extends. Great tech stuff at this link; find steering gear along left navigation bar.



Here’s the analogous piece on an antique canoe-yawl, braided twine replacing steel cylinders on this portable vessel. See the pivot in the bottom-most large drawing at this link.



Executing decisions isn’t the problem; developing the judgment and assembling the self-confidence to make good decisions are the sticking points.



Executor on USCGC barque Eagle, built circa 1936



Rudder on Sakura Express, three years old,



Rudder on Peking, built 1911 and –tell all ship fanatics–to be moved into drydock in the Kills on January 7ish, 2008. Bring your camera; i won’t be around:((



Rudder on London Express, built 1998. Repeat: the hard part is the decision, not the execution.

Photos, WVD.