I’ve not added to this series so long now that rumor is I’m becoming pariah among those who harness the wind. Sincere apologies! I’m totally with you all, just . . . uh . . . breathless?



South Street’s Pioneer above and Pride of Baltimore II with unidentified escorts below. Would you believe the foto below was taken less than a quarter mile from the Battery on a supremely hazy early autumn day?



A green stripe along the jib . . . might it be– could it possibly be– Green Lantern?



Ventura (Herreshoff built for the founder of Citibank) heads north framed by a Trump Building (green roof) and westside pillars of the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.



Adirondack and Pride of Baltimore II, bow to bow.



About my absence . . .well Aeolus has been doing to me what he’s done to others, and I’m up to what Cavafy prayed for.

Photos, WVD.