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So the winner of Biffle French‘s Relief Crew 6 is Jim, who identified the ferry as MV Rhododendron (aka Rhody?) of the Point Defiance/Tahlequah route. Jeff, by email, was close enough for me, putting it a little north of Vashon Island. Biffle also sent along this spectacular foto of a container ship leaving Tacoma.



New York harbor has tall architectural peaks, but none as spectacular for their mass as Rainier, some 50 miles behind the shore lights.

I’ve kayaked with seals in Maine, but in his waters, Biffle kayaks with orca. Here’s his email words in response to my asking about paddling in such company: The orca make a loud breathing and spouting sound that reminds me of a steam engine. Most whales only blow when they surface, but Orca seem to do it constantly. Since they travel in a family group (the “pod”) there are several making loud noises at the same time. They travel long distances on the surface, moving really fast and spouting constantly.

At the link to his name above or down on bloglist “I also read…” under paddling puget sound, you can read his paddling blog. Bonnie-check this out!

It’s also log raft habitat, no longer an east coast creature.

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