so translates the name of this vessel “erkan” coming into Howland Hook at sunrise yesterday. How many days passage from Istanbul? Answer follows.



Here Erkan has passed Bergen Point and heads for Arthur Kill.



I’m envious of the view from the bridge with all-around glass. By the bird escort, one might think Erkan a fish ship. Turkon Line starts Erkan’s route in Mersin, a southern Turkish port that gained in prominence during the US Civil War, when our southern ports no longer shipped cotton. By the way, Jane A. Bouchard to port; McAllister Responder starboard. Both have appeared in several posts already.



Erkan sails four days to Istanbul, then



from Istanbul, it sails 15 days (with two Mediterranean stops) to the Narrows, where McAllister Responder met her. Non-stop from Istanbul takes 11! See the Turkon timetable here.

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Photos, WVD.