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I saw this orange vessel zooming toward me the other day and was certain someone from the homeland intended to secure me . . . I escaped only to learn (two days later) a dear friend was aboard. Hi g. g. ! In the background that’s remnants of a wooden floating dry dock, itself dry-docked on a bank west of Shooter’s Island, ex-yacht building site for the rich and famous.



If I misread security for survey on the as-yet unnamed (that I know of) vessel at the top, markings are clearer on Smoke II, a 1958 Fire Department tender. I love the lines on this boat. Read a Smoke II rescue story here.



Redfish, below, based in Greenport, was the winner of the 2007 Workboat Race there. See her as a speck in the last foto.



Survey vessel Red Rogers sleeps at a marina on Arthur Kill, but I now nothing about RR.



Thinking back on this post . . . fotos of red boats without much to read.

Speaking of names, look what’s got “Steve Irwin” on its stern now.

Photos, WVD.