Anyone not familiar with the waterways (or their names) around Staten Island might cringe upon seeing the name in the title. My students, newcomers to the United States as many of them are . . . see “Arthur Kill” on signs in the area and, besides wondering what the object of the sentence ( Arthur kill who or what?) must be, suppose the parties responsible for the name on the sign have some thuggish perversity, some macabre sense of humor they want no part of. But Arthur Kill it is . . .



A K-Sea, a McAllister, a Reinauer, and a Maria J.   Bayonne, NJ barely shows through the drizzle in the distance, and . . .



a social unit of buffleheads swimming in the borderwaters between NYC and Elizabeth, NJ, already come south, while



another K-Sea approaches and a Vane Brothers (Wicomico) heads south. That’s Linden, NJ in the background.

More Arthur Kill soon. All fotos, Will Van Dorp