as promised . . . Allie B, eastbound on the East River, out of Tampa and ex-Express Explorer, Janet Graham.



Below it’s Lucky D, out of Chesapeake, VA, southbound in Arthur Kill.



Pushing lots of foam is Miss Yvette, westbound on the East River and out of Bourne, MA.



Captain Zeke, ex-Island Eagle and Lady Ora, out of landlocked Syosset, NY.



And finally, in familiar green-white-black colors, the unfamiliar Kimberly Poling.



At this link, check out this closeup of Kimberly Poling showing the back of a nameboard that reveals her previous identity, Jaguar. See the portside nameboard. As you might suspect from the color scheme, Kimberly is the niece of the generation that includes John Caddell, Coral Queen, and Kristin Poling, all featured previously. Use the search window.

Photos, WVD.