Names are hopes, prayers, magic … sometimes. The human and environmental toll of recent storms in southwestern Europe lends understanding of a name like that carried on the ship below: Swift Secure. (ex- Anna L. K., Ana L. K., Frotauraguay)  Swift is good, but please let me be secure.



Seems like the peeling paint at the beginning of the name of this 1981 bulker sabotages the incantation here. Thanks to and Aleksi, see outstanding series of 3 fotos here of the May 2007 (and 1 of 2004) repainting job at this link; open the Anna L. K. fotos. For 1981 vintage, see the pickup truck analogue here.



There’s also hope… et. al. in the painting on the rocks just south of the Narrows at Swift Secure arrived. What’s obscured by the nearer boulder below “think” is “green,” like Kermit. Do kids/parents still watch Kermit? Seriously, I don’t know.

For a San Francisco water consumer POV on the accident, see EVK Superblog fotos and comments/followup here.

Photos, WVD.