Harmen . . waited just north of the Narrows for her to offload in Brooklyn. He’s five years younger and carries 15,000 dwt more.  If you don’t know the “her” here, type Alice into the search window on left.



What’s intriguing is his mixed Ukraine/Romania heritage. Read about it here. See info on Mangalia, oldest town in Romania, twin of Greenport NY, and home of the shipyard, here. Btw, that self-unloader was added in China, in Jiangyin, home of the world’s fifth largest-span suspension bridge; Verrazano is . . . seventh!


This one offloads 5000 tons/hour. Alice, you might have at least introduced me.  Check the “Oldendorff fleet” link on left to get “real-time” info on all Harmen and Alice‘s siblings.

Photos, WVD