I’ve written about “second lives” and renaming. Among those are vessels or parts (like engines) that steam on after decommissioning. Patricia Ann fits that. So does the vessel below.



Built for the Navy at Jakobsen‘s in Oyster Bay and launched in November 1943, it took part in the D-Day invasion in Normandy, served in the Pacific, and then it retired to the Great Lakes. It bore the name Major Elisha K. Henson and John F. Nash (or Nash) before reverting to LT-5. See vintage fotos. Now it lives in Oswego on Lake Ontario, repainted its original gray.



LT-5 docks in front of the museum at the port of Oswego.  It took part in the shooting down of a Nazi Focke Wulfe fighter over Omaha Beach. See a link here, thanks to Bill K.



11/11/1918 at 11 am: Armistice Day aka Veteran’s Day. Float on, veteran.

Fotos here, Will Van Dorp