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Time to catch up on odds ‘n ends. Thanks to Jeff S for identifying the tug run aground near Perth Amboy in January 06 as Hudson, ex-Margaret Matton, Ft Lauderdale, Evening Light, Cheyenne Rose.



Thanks to Jim for telling me of Specialist II, sibling of another Specialist and Realist, depicted here recently. (Find them with the search box.)


Here’s a more atmospheric foto of Specialist II that just happened into the Narrows today while I took a break on my way to work. I love how they managed to make that island they transported just hover above the gravel barges. Turn your lights on, and don’t hit the bridge!



Another mystery solved: I finally just figured out this vessel headed up the North River last summer (scroll thru). I shot this from my sister’s 35th-floor hotel room. It’s AV Kastner, transporting gypsum out of Minas Basin Nova Scotia, the bay with the greatest tidal fluctuations on earth. The unusual afterdeck structure is a self-unloader.



Some interesting pix here of the gypsum vessels outa there, and brush up on reading en francais. Check out this US Gypsum link to learn what goes into wallboard in their Stony Point plant.

All fotos Will Van Dorp. Thanks for reading and commenting.

PS:  Check out these Dutch bananas.

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