Previously I marvelled about tug names like Iron Mike, but recently tanker names have caught my fancy. My favorite has to be Surfer Rosa below. Do you suppose tanker Surfer Rosa inspired the title of the Pixies album?



Below, still fully loaded, she chills after a stormy crossing. Too much surfing makes for blotchy red skin? Check this link for a shot of SR passing some dramatic headlands I wish I knew the name/location of. Imagine radio transmissions from the bridge that sound like “Dude, Surfer Rosa outbound for the Narrows.”


Almost as good, Lepta Mermaid. Btw, “lepta” is a Greek coin.



Check this link for Finn’s foto.



One more rich name on a Lauritzen tanker . . . Freja Atlantic. Freja . . as in TGI Freya‘s dag.



I’ve no foto, but the name Axel Spirit appeared in the paper this morning. Here’s a link to a foto. Axel Spirit rammed Ambrose Tower, it seems. Thanks to Fred of, here’s a link to what was hit.

All photos, Will Van Dorp, who needs a nickname maybe . . . .