Thanks to Bobby (see comments on left), I’m updating the post on Kristin Poling, aka Matriarch and many other names. Also, please check out Auke Visser’s trove of fotos; he’s on the blogroll at left.



Here’s the “matriarch” at anchor in Gravesend Bay about two weeks ago. Now check out the pictures at this link. Suddenly I understand the shape: canal tanker!! Then the pilothouse, now permanently mounted on stilts, could raise and lower like on canal tugs like Cheyenne. Use the search window above left for the many posts on Cheyenne. Unrelated in any way except shape, fotos below are from the Waterford Tug Roundup of another canaler, this one a freighter.



Here are fantastic fotos of Day Peckinpaugh inside and out from the inimitable Tug44 Fred.



Eriemax or Bargemax! Here’s a parting shot of Kristin Poling. More Poling soon.



Posting any pirate pics, Fred?

All photos, Will Van Dorp.