See him standing by the railing taking a break? Call him Ishmael or Mohammad Hassan or Diego . . . Let’s consider some numbers related to his life as crewman aboard CMA CGM Asia, which departed New York yesterday bound for Asia, of course. Check this link for info on the vessel. Here’s a foto from when the vessel was called Portugal Senator.



CGA CGM follows the SAX route. I’ve no idea what SAX stands for. Notice on that link that outbound from New York, it stops in Norfolk, then Ningbo; in between are two oceans, a sea, and a canal. More numbers below, but notice the large white superstructure just to the right of the Robbins Reef light? Any guesses what vessel was in Red Hook yesterday? See a closer-up shot below.



So moving the SAX numbers around a bit, we get less than two years before the mast but lots of sea miles: Day 1 depart New York. Day 2 arrive Norfolk. Day 25 arrive Ningbo. Day 26 arrive Shanghai. Day 28 arrive Chiwan. Day 29 arrive Hongkong. Day 53 arrive Manzanillo, Panama. Day 56 arrive Savannah. Day 59 arrive back in New York. 59 days from now . . . that’s a week before Christmas. Check these links: Chiwan (port in Shenzhen) and Manzanillo.

Another number: how many hours did Ishmael spend in port? Do you suppose he got out to see the sights?



The east end of the KVK really is like an on-ramp here for the global highway: go to Robbins and hang to starboard heading dead center between the bridge supports. See you December 18, Ishmael. Not that you’ll see the sights or even get off the ship in your mere 30 hours in port, during which time you stay on the work roster.


It’s Queen Mary 2.

All photos, Will Van Dorp.