Would you believe that Sanko Confidence has a green hull on fogless days?



If perception is everything, then Gdansk really has no superstructure.



Geography ends at Robbins Reef, and



K-Sea’s Labrador Sea, below, navigates the center of the known world here.



Some days my world feels this small and confining in spite of my attempts to see clearly; a wider vision eludes me. I’m uncertain that the clarity of other days ever happened. I feel befuddled, unsure of what I can’t see. Is Alice (fill in the blank with another name) still out there?

I know she is. I can see through the fog, but doubts surface, linger, disappear, resurface. Radio, radar, foghorn notwithstanding, the urge to throttle back is strong.  I know it’s all real, but maybe it’s not.  Maybe Sanko Confidence really has a fog-colored hull?

All photos, Will Van Dorp.