Kudos to Jim: the port traversed by Berge Everett is … Boston. Read Jim’s comment on the left sidebar.

In response to the first post about Lilac, says Dan . . . “A real steam engine is to a diesel as a pipe organ to an electric organ.” Hmm? Dan might have music technology biases.



The white pressure vessel behind the red ironmongery is the condenser, athwart the keel and just aft the two New York-built Sullivan engines.



Here’s aftmost underside of starboard engine looking outboard. To better see perspective on what this is, check this link. Scroll all the way through.



Dan continues, “[A steamer engine] breathes in the way that the body does, and we feel a deep connection with it, and a connection which I think is not just sentimental.” So that would make these nostrils.



Exhalation happens here through the yellow and black funnel, and unseen it spins its “legs” underneath.



Lilac remains in a coma, but one day, soon, she will rise, raise this arm,



and blink! Live steam! And those of little faith will see; long-suspended breathing will be heard.

Hmm? What about older technology makes it easier to anthropomorphize?

All photos, Will Van Dorp.