I don’t mean what the shoulder-sitting parrot does on my ear when he’s hungry, nor do I mean live-aboard tugs of either working or no-longer working sort; I mean these hybrid trawler tugs, all recreation, pleasure. The two steel-hulled boats below are less than 10 years old, one-off design built and registered in Port Dover, Ontario; and hanging out at the Tug Roundup. The lines are certainly tug-inspired.


Here’s the helm of Amy Krysta.



Tugs Margot and Benjamin Elliot work for the NYS Canal Corporation, and their hangers-on include some tug-inspired fiberglass boats.


Trawler/tug . . .



and another . . .



and then there’s always the official “foto” boat of the Waterford Tug Roundup, the inimitable Tug44!! Greetings, Fred. See builders here and here.

All photos, Will Van Dorp.