“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.” Romeo & Juliet




This weekend I finally caught the name of this small tug I’d wondered about for two years and it’s a keeper: Iron Mike! How fitting that the tow is scrap metal. Might there also be a Steel Mike, Brass Mike? Gold Mike would need an escort. Oops, that’s a different fleet.




Duty ties Iron Mike for a no-nonsense name. Duty‘s siblings are Escort and Consort.




Meet Realist and below, a sibling named




Specialist! Wonder what future siblings might be called.

Truth be told, I enjoy the variety of fleet naming systems: family trees, seas, social roles, personality types, and … then poetry like Iron Mike… It certainly beats how the bus, train, and aircraft fleets now go . . . all numbers. “The doors in cars 3495 and 7032 will not platform.” EEew! But imagine this . . . Iron Mike and Specialist are bringing Alice in today. Cool!

All photos, Will Van Dorp.