Workboats past and present can be as stripped down and unique as some farm trucks I once drove.



Thanks to Brian for this foto of a gundalow from New Hampshire, one of my old ports in New England. Notice the lateen sail and the long oars in locks. Gundalows strike me as sailing scows, but I’ve never had a sense why the name resembles the Venetian canal craft.  Were gundalows used elsewhere along the marshes and bays behind barrier beaches of the East Coast?



A rudimentary yard tug, BTU was the official boat of the Greenport workboat component of the maritime festival. The forward house perforated by the stack . . . covers nothing but a Ford Lehman diesel. And no lifelines or bulwarks.

BTU photo, Will Van Dorp.  Gundalow, thanks, Brian L.



The classy grate on the afterdeck gives access to the stuffing box and bilge. Is that a police uniform worn by the man on the dock?



The self-propelled barge is named Preston. Any guess what the foredeck of Preston transported later that day?



Would you believe three companies of pipers piping and traveling in style?  A workparty on a workboat, no doubt.