This follows on the Dutch Mystery. I savored Golden Re’al as an unexpected pleasure at the Waterford Tug Roundup. Golden Re’al is classified as a hagenaar, which has a similar meaning to “panamax;” a hagenaar (or “haagenaar”) is the maximum size that fit through the canals and under the bridges of Den Haag. I presume this sizing existed at a given time in Dutch canal and “air draft” history. At this link, compare hagenaar to Amsterdammer or Brusselaar. Golden Re’al is a 1903 two-masted aak; notice the mainmast, mounted to a hinged stand, folded forward.



The wheel connects to the rudder via cables. See below (two fotos down) for cable conduits along the deck.



I admit to being partial to leeboards. Notice the pulley between the aft end of the leeboard and the fender. We’ll trace it back to the helm.



Port and starboard pulleys with cranks control depth of each leeboard. L-shaped handle midpoint lubricates prop bearing. “Tunnel” conduits running aft outboard each pulley housing contain rudder cables.

Photos, Will Van Dorp.



Forward portion below houses a spacious galley. Notice the traditional tiles on backboard of gas stove.



Stove heats the saloon. Back aft under the helm is a cabin and engine compartment.


I’d still love to see the interior of that aak on the Hackensack. And here‘s another Dutch boat in North America project near Albany, looking for volunteers. Scroll through for a drawing of the “yacht,”  Onrust.