I’m guessing, Mary Whalen once looked maroon, but now it’s Moran‘s trademark color.


Notice the greenish-black hull and the yellow slip-proof platform at the bow around the H-bitt and the staple at the stem,


maroon steel warmed up by brightwork like a yacht,


crew energy maintained in a world class galley,


wire neatly laid on winch for ocean towing,


one of two huge EMD engines in this immaculate engine room (consider each of the treads on the companionway one foot above the previous),


Turecamo Boys heads to the next job. Turecamo Boys recent high-profile jobs include helping tow White Sea back into Ambrose Channel (here, go to p. 15) and logging more hours than any other assist vessel in 9/11 evacuation. The Moran towing story goes back at least to Michael Moran, an erstwhile mule driver along the Erie Canal who bought half interest in a harbor tug in 1860. Moran achievements include sending the first vessel into Havana harbor after the Spanish-American War.