The photo above was taken 19 years ago. I didn’t take it. Info about the shot follows at the end of this post.



Black-tipped red stack(s) with two white rings . . . that’s McAllister Towing. Captain James McAllister, an immigrant from Ireland’s County Antrim, started the business 143 years ago in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Here Ellen McAllister, a recently rebuilt tractor tug, escorts Sun Round, container ship, outbound from KVK.



McAllister Responder and Charles D. McAllister dock a tall ship at Pier 17 Manhattan in 2006. By the way, Charles D. is undergoing upgrades as you read this. Notice a Gemini theme going here.



Here’s a recent shot of Responder standing by, waiting to assist with docking.



Work’s here. Notice the sheet about to drape between the Responder‘s rubber fender and the white hull of cutter Seneca.

The 1988 foto was taken by Daniel Hormann. You can contact him about a $15 CD with dozens of vintage 1988 NY harbor photos at danielhormann (at) comcast (dot) net.

All other images here, Will Van Dorp