Tugs operating in the harbor can be divided into smaller and larger fleets. Bouchard, one of the larger fuel barge fleets, uses distinctive colors of cherry jelly and peanut butter set off by white. Bouchard Transportation has a family business tradition that goes back to another terror attack, the infamous Black Tom explosion in Jersey City. Like any business, they’ve faced choppy waters such as the sinking of Morton S. Bouchard.



Oh, the first two words on the stern above though evoke a flood, albethey private recollections of Linda Lee Bouchard, more feelings even than Alice can, if truth be told. Bouchard really has great non-family names; my favorites have to include the one below.



Notice the helicopter below at the apex of a triangle formed by Frederick‘s stern and Lady Bartholdi’s right arm below.



So here’s a mystery. I love this crew boat, called Evening Light, similar name and paint scheme to Evening Tide. Is this a Bouchard boat?



Surely someone knows. All fotos by Will Van Dorp.