See new search feature on upper left. Type in a vessel name there to see if I’ve included it in a post already. I’ve added this in response to my own fallible memory and a recent email suggesting I do a post of a specific boat he works on, and I already had months ago. Enjoy searching.

Also, enjoy the fotos from gcaptain, new on the blogroll to the left.

A friend asked why I write this obsessive blog. Well, it serves me as a writing starter sometimes: if I’m blocked on some non-blog writing, I look through my fotos, fingering them like oracle bones, allowing an idea to surface, coaxing it into shape, writing the post, and using the resulting momentum to dislodge the block.

With the blog I’ve met so many people. Thanks for the generosity of taking time to read, comment, question, inform, etc. For example, Fred helped me solve the Grey Shark puzzle,



of a few days ago. She was named Fast Navigator until less than a month ago. So in Grey… I located so little info because Grey Shark has been the name of this vessel only the past few week of her 27-year history. Egyptian livestock hauler was a previous application.



The above picture is especially for “she who was concerned about my relationship with all the Alices in my life.” Sister, there’s even more to tell. The blue beauty above is Mary Alice, dancing a gangly partner toward the Kills.



Finally, this tug is named Calusa Coast. I’d no association with that word until I found the Calusa are a native people of Florida.



Notice the protective grillwork covering the aft-facing window on the after pilothouse. Imagine what ripped-out blocks, cables, and other gear that safety feature is intended to protect someone sitting there from.

Photos by Will Van Dorp.