I tried this with Alice once; now let’s put QM2 to this scrutiny, thanks to some fantastic!!! pics in this link. It’s written in Danish, which I don’t read, but the fotos of the QM‘s mast and funnel squeezing under the VZ Bridge astound me. Scroll down through, as best pix are near the end. Thanks Lupo.


Not a submarine in sight.


The white number closest to the waterline reads 10 meters.


horns a seagull could fly into without folding their wings and then die with a blast


various tenders 75 feet from the water


The “2” rather than “II” designates that this vessel is named for the Queen Mary, which itself was named for Mary of Teck., if wikipedia is trustworthy here.

If anyone can give a synopsis of the Danish, … tak for lån.

Photos by Will Van Dorp.