All the world’s a stage, including a foredeck.



In a few weeks intrigue and song will animate this pleasing tomato-red platform, foredeck activities never imagined in the strangest dreams of Mary Whalen‘s helmsman or crew. During all her fuel hauling years, this spotlight never illuminated the vocal and acting energy soon to be seen here.



With apologies to Puccini, here’s a blogger’s synopsis, blopera, if you will, or operblog. opblog? See Il Tabarro: M and G share a bed on M’s ship. M, the captain, thinks G is monogamous.



But G secretly looks elsewhere…



Though not necessarily through a speaking tube, communication gets garbled,



signals are misread,  red lights like Red Hook,



temperatures rises, darker passions erupt,



And that hue of red earlier called “tomato” becomes “blood.” Perfect raw material for opera! Come see it.

Volunteer to help. Contact Carolina.

Also, another hiatus of the blog; see you mid-August.

Photos by Will Van Dorp.