Come to think of it, the sixth boro offers the same random experience as the other boros. No patterns appear or need apply. Just have a closer look at two ships (of hundreds) traveling through New York harbor in the past three weeks.


Emirates Liberty exchanged containers in Red Hook, some in some out. Notice the water-shedding bow deck, aka whaleback.


I’d never imagined the number of catwalks existing behind and under that deck. Check this foto by Carlos in Barcelona and read the info below his pic: this vessel came off the ways less than 2 years ago and already has its fifth name! Anyone have a theory?

By the way, intriguing statistics today in the NYTimes: Emirates foreign-born population, 85% !!! Compared with Kuwait, 60%, Saudi Arabia 25%, and US, 12% according to estimated 2005 census statistics.


Flintermaas is a much smaller vessel, general cargo bulk carrier.


Outbound. Netherlands Antilles registered. Bow like the tailfin and bumper point on a 1958 Cadillac.

Random ships . . . just don’t make up for the silent treatment from Alice, now headed somewhere in the south.

Photos by Will Van Dorp.