In the sixth boro you find T A N K E R S and tankers, all equally entitled to the name, but some transport across oceans and offload into lighters or tank farms, and then others haul across the bay and offload into ship tanks. Let’s look at the latter.


Rolf Williams represents the future: double hulled, two skins, an increased margin of environmental safety for this three-year-old floating diesel station here refueling a container ship in Red Hook.


Older technology stays afloat in the 58-foot Capt Log painted in Circle Line colors. See p. 21.


I found little about Patrick Sky, other than it was built at Blount Boats and originally carried the name L. G. Laduca II.


Similarly, Linekin Bay, named for a body of water near Boothbay, ME, turns up in this obituary for Jeremiah Driscoll.

Two power plants and two skins… that’s the near future.

All photos, Will Van Dorp.