Damn Dutch entered the harbor today; my last name authorizes me to use that adjective. And just kidding about it, of course. Welkom. My May post called “specialized 11” had a larger BigLift ship. Would that be “bigger lift”?


Here’s the rest of the ship. See the whole fleet at this link; this vessel is Transporter, hence, tra-type, by their nomenclature.



A fun foto… suppose they could lift and haul away our V Bridge?



A question: last Wednesday afternoon, a vessel with large cranes went up river: a frustrated tugster needed to content himself with this shot from the 32 floor of a building on 42nd Street. The stack says CTL or GTL. Anyone identify, please? Doesn’t the Hudson look narrow in this shot? Anyone know what Transporter is going to pick up?



Photos by Will Van Dorp.