People sometimes talk about re-inventing themselves, coming to forks or crossroads and then making decisions that change everything. We move from day to day performing repeated triage. Here’s a story of triage and rebirth some of you know; shame on me for discovering just now. My foto library begged my noticing her months ago. Here passes Dorothy Elizabeth westbound in KVK.



So I do some looking and I find this and especially this story of her rebirth as well as an account of the tug constellation of the harbor. Some of you say you don’t like to read links, but this is a must-read. to whet yer appetite, let me say this article is a saga: before Dorothy Elizabeth, she was Gotham, before that Christine Gellatly, before that the speedy Mobil 11, launched in 1951. She’s a labor of love, faith, and hope all named after a grandmother.
So I realize I too have other fotos of Dorothy Elizabeth, like westbound in East River in July 2007,



northbound in Tug Race parade to the start line September 2006,



and screaming southbound as the race begins . . . fleet off the start line to be certain.



Go Dorothy Elizabeth. I’ll see you in a whole new light next time.

All photos above by Will Van Dorp.

And talking transformations, here’s an incredible set of 48 pix of an airplane that became a boat; click here and scroll through.