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The sixth boro idea excites me, especially in summer when it has a more visible as well as dynamic population…


Above, crew of the container vessel Maersk Sealand Gateshead eastbound on KVK enjoy last minutes of views of the greater NYC before headed out, probably Europe. Not much of human species to watch or photograph during 98%+ of that trip. Stories that intrigue me here: who the crew are, what places they call home, what languages do they use, who are their loves and beloveds, what are their impressions of New York…


Four crewmen of K-Sea’s Great Gull southbound on Arthur Kill prepare to dock. Stories here: same as those above, and career paths…


Foolhardy (my sense) or intrepid lone kayaker leaves East River for confluence with Hudson and flood tide bound for New Jersey. Stories here: same as above, and what his kayak experience is, what he does when not paddling…


Crewman of barge pushed by Taurus eastbound on KVK does bow watch. Stories here: all of the above, and what things he’s seen, what goals he has…


Crew and passengers on SSSM‘s Pioneer southbound on Upper NY Bay enjoy midsummer’s sunset. Stories here: again the same, and what prompted their choice to sail for the best views in the boros…


Find the clue that the foto dates from pre-winter 06-07? It lies right between the two ferries? See below. Converging SI ferries conveying hundreds between the boros. Hundreds of reasons to take the free ferries: work, visit, dinner, movie, date, scenery, shopping…
All images by Will Van Dorp.

Dating clue: See Red Hook’s sugar mill right between the ferries. You cannot see that anymore.

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Graves of Arthur Kill

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