Retro seems to suit New Yorkers’ palate. Besides the bateaumouche I mentioned in this post, (so-called not because they look like flies, rather the company is based in the Mouche section of Lyons, France) and the ones I abhor from a style perspective, here are some retro ones I like. View A of Mariner III, a 1926 original


View B of same, in her first life known as SueJa III, the 122′ plaything of the owner of a West coast steamship line until she was impressed into military service in WW2.


Valiant, below, has the same fantail steamer design, but is a “modern classic,” built in 2001 and 33′ shorter than Mariner III. Check out other fantail steamers, originals as well as replicas, at this fantastic link.


Even newer, Manhattan is a replica less than two years old.


Bon voyage et appetit.

Photos by Will Van Dorp.