I took the second picture in Headwaters 2 in an abandoned Vermont slate quarry. And, yes, sprites of the metamorphic rock do live in such places, as evidenced below, taken deeper in that same quarry. I turned back at this point. Be this sprite, gnome, erdgeist, what name would apply?


And stone ships unlike the ones I wrote about here two+ months ago, vessels like Alice–she just left town again–bring rock to our fair harbor by the thousands of tons, of course after coaxing the rock creatures to find other habitat.


The sprite’s “pushing stone” in that quarry, and here’s Cheyenne doing the same, moving the stone aka aggregate to various construction sites, which our metropolis these days has no shortage of. Notice the color resemblance of Cheyenne to the sprite?


Here’s some loaded boats ready in Gowanus. So how deep do you suppose stone boats are?


Shallow but heavy. And when you see them pass or when you drive over highways made with this stuff, rememeber the quarry creatures.

All photos by Will Van Dorp