“Fog,” the 4th (of 192) post on this blog, contained my favorite picture. Humidity and temperature before the rain Wednesday created fog and interesting visual effects. Down harbor the west tower of Verrazano got bisected.



A pillowy cloud draped itself over Staten Island. That’s A. J. Meerwald with headsails dropped in upper harbor where fog didn’t reach but thunderclouds did a little later.



And then westbound in the East River this vessel passed. Now tell me, what color is the hull? Contrast the hull color with the white of the wake and the jibboom.



Pink, right? Illusion? Poor taste? Effects of fog filtering sunlight?



The pink on Lady Maryland is not so vivid on this shot, but pink it is, and a traditional color at that, if they put accurate info on their site here. See paragraph 3 for explanation of “pungy pink”. Actually, Lady Maryland crossed the harbor two years ago on a clear day and possibly just post-hull paint, and the pink could just embarrass you, of course, if you didn’t know the tradition.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.