Can you identify this surface?


I feel cooler just looking at the pancake ice coating the Hudson a mere four months ago. See it festoon the port fendering of Maryland below. Bet the gull was looking to join the crew in the engine room or heated pilothouse.

Recycled excavator tires live on here as fendering while giving a slight illusion of terrestrial appendages.


The aftmost third of this 45-year-old tug, formerly Esso Maryland, is dedicated to towing. Esso Maryland came off the ways at Oyster Bay’s now disappeared Jakobson Shipyard.


Note the variety of towing gear: laid line to port and braided to starboard, more line covered by a tarp to port one deck up, a winch for wire….


No doubt the pilothouse is air conditioned and fairly soundproofed to muffle the roar of twin Wärtsiläs turning seven-foot plus props.


Foto session ended, Maryland speeds back to work, oil to move and bills to pay. Am I alone to imagine a faint design kinship with this 1962 Mack?


All photos by Will Van Dorp.