This’ll be my last post until mid-July. The Winooski and the Green Mountains beckon again. So what follows will “keep station” until then. It could be called +sum of parts 2. Decker pictures and tour dates/times follow. A full technical report of its 2005-06 rebuild is available here. Here’s my original tug tours post.


Starting in the wheelhouse, notice the elegant simple controls. The brass handle on right controls both engine rpms and transmission.  The wooden handle just right of the wheel locks the steering.


On the shelf under the wheelhouse, the vertical shaft transfers wheel spin to chain movement, which connects to horizontal conduited rods going astern along the house to the rudder. Think brake cables inside tubing going to calipers on a bicycle.


The army surplus GM 6-110 diesel has powered Decker since the early 1950’s.


Notice the wood planks, the stuffing box,  the after-portion of the propeller shaft, and bearings.


From starboard aft of the engine looking forward back toward the steering mechanism and small window to port.


Here’s that same window from the deck looking forward to the h-bitt and stem. That “window” pre-World War 2 was the coal chute opening for the original steam boiler that ran Decker.

For reservations, email RESERVATIONS@SOUTHSTSEAPORT.ORG.  Tours leave Pier 16 at 10 am on the following  dates:

Brooklyn Waterfront– June 30, Aug 4, Aug 18, Sept 22, and Oct 13.

Newark Bay –July 7, Aug 11, Aug 25, Sept 29, and Oct 20.

Upper New York Bay– July 28 and Oct 6.

North River –Sept 1 and Oct 27.

Oh, while I’m away, if you see something, say something by email or such.

Fotos here by Will Van Dorp