About to appear on stage it’s the summer solstice 2007 and . . . Ambrose. This one’s for Tana for her tour of  Vancouver’s water space.



Ambrose‘s gongs are silent; she doesn’t sing, dance, or play music . . . although those mushroom anchors resemble “bells” of brass instruments . . . right behind one of the four stages for the River-to-River festival that goes all summer.



Monday as Pioneer crew returned from Clearwater at four in the morning on this dock shared with Ambrose, we saw four tango dancers gliding off to the port side of the red ship, possibly kept awake by midsummer and memories of the light beams from the ship and moving to the music in their heads. Never in their wildest hallucinations could a lightship crew on station back 50 years ago imagine a future where tangoistas would move off the port of their feuerschiff.



Some disparate New York area activities around solstice approach . . .

Mermaid Parade and Ball on Coney Island!!!

All photos by Will Van Dorp.

And a little later, Great Hudson River Paddle!!! If you haven’t registered, you can still attend the festivals.

Any good solstice and water events elsewhere? Daylight hours get shorter in the northern hemisphere after this weekend, so use those hours before they darken.