Study the foto below snapped about a week ago on the East River. How do you interpret it? The vessel in the foreground is 226 LOA and can have a crew of 40.



It’s Powhatan, an ocean/salvage tug of Donjon Marine. What looks like a pilot house on the after deck of Powhatan is actually what’s moving the larger vessel toward the Upper Bay, Donjon’s Kendall P. Brake. I can only guess at the reason.



Here’s a link to another still-active “Powhatan-class” Navy tug. If you want to scroll about 3/4s down to Powhatan class fleet tugs, click here. Certainly, I could call this post a “second lives.”



Above is another Donjon tug, Atlantic Salvor, same company, big tug.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.