Members of the Cutler & Poling tanker fleet have appeared here at various times. Recently I had a good view of a fuel-laden Kristin Poling, shown here from bow to stern, all 281 feet of her.



This 73-year-old single-hulled tanker had a sibling vessel named Chester Poling that sank in a storm in 1977, becoming a haunt of Cape Ann divers.



I’d love a tour to see the living area and the linkage between the raised wheelhouse and the machinery.


Vintage of the pumps?



I’d love to see a photo of this or any part of the harbor showing Kristin Poling her 1934 habitat. Where could I locate fotos of her leaving the ways at United Drydocks/Staten Island as hull #824 aka Poughkeepsie Socony in August 1934?



How long until this single skinned matriarch retires? One more view below foreshortened. Why the 35-foot plus mast at the stern?



All photos by Will Van Dorp.