That’s the locker with miscellaneous lengths of line varying in diameter and material. In the case of this blog, I use this with not-great pictures of (I believe) unusual but interesting “stuff” all from early June 2007. Like this strange craft . . .


It’s Oystercatchercharters. Check them out. I’ve seen them in the sixth boro last year and this year as they offer–I suppose–charters along the intracoastal waterway.

I’m not sure who organized this rowing party Sunday, but the Star-Ledger tells this of rowing and paddling off Hoboken. The rowing gig was between Pier A of the Battery and Ellis Island later Sunday.


Currently moored between some disused warehouses below the BQE, it looks like a barge but really it’s “floatingpool,” another repurposed vessel. An alternative to this sixth boro swimming venue is the swim marathon around Manhattan coming up on June 16. Read about it here. Cheer on the superswimmers Saturday morning.


One breezy midweek morning, I snapped this picture of a new pilot boat approaching the Battery Coast Guard station. Better pic and specs here and here.

So that’s a few days on the water, and what did I miss? Actually . . . a lot: reed boat Abora towed out by Sea Lion, transAtlantic rowboat, Alice in and out, several large cruising schooners and sloops . . . and much much more.

As the subway posters say . . . if you see something (interesting), say something (by email and please send a foto.)