Barges are too much maligned; they may be ugly, but they are more transparent-so to speak-than containers. Well, not fuel barges, but really, who wants to see fuel anyhow, this substance we’re all addicted to. Check out this cargo . . . then I’ll zoom out.


… and moving aft, as if fresh from an urban demolition derby


Might that be a crushed schoolbus and my neighbor’s crashed Ford? Soon they’ll all be amalgamated into part of a 2009 Lexus or Maytag or shipping container?


The pusher is the inimitable June K with her powerful Cats.


K as in Kosnac, I suppose. Here‘s some interesting family business history.


Here’s June K light in the Hudson.


Final shot for today: last winter I posted about Corps of Engineers vessel shown here pushing a barge loaded with scrapped fiberglass boats. Might they be recycled into Hunters or the likes of Moecca?

Photos by Will Van Dorp.