Movies are fun, even pirate ones shot surreptitiously on replica ships, but who needs professionals and long-distance travel . . . alright, Libertalia has been my dream destination for decades. New York has always had its share of subjects of the jolly flags (wags?).



Characters like Sadie the Goat sailed here once, and today their great-granddaughters may drive tankers.

Or they may invite you for a pleasant Sunday sail (third Sunday of each month seems their routine) from Pier 17. Look for an authentic black ship and (would I lie?) bona fide descendants of . . . .


Ch’iao K’uo Füü Jëën?

prg.jpgJolie Rouge ?


Scroll all through here.

prw.jpgMargaret Jordan?


Learn more about pirates from Colin Woodward on Tuesday night, May 22, at South Street Seaport Melville Gallery.

Come June 20ish, bring down a son, niece, grandson. Bring your grandmother, neighbor or a random stranger to see the other side of the harbor.

Check Rob Ossian’s site to eclipse all pirate sites.

But stay away from waters to the north and east of Libertalia.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.