After an incomplete spectrum of blog color titles, here’s orange although I’m not satisfied with my pictures..



Container ship Atlantic Ocean and sisters are orange regulars, reefers, but . . .



Aegean Faith is orange and carries the most common fluid into the sixth boro, but I set out to shot something orange and Brazilian . . .




I loved the fluid style of’s Brazilian dancers on Fifth Avenue, but …



I’ve an additional obsession: Orange Wave, the juice tanker that delivers millions of gallons of orange fluid–my lifeblood– into New York. But I’ve discovered the vessels I’m looking for aren’t orange–but white!!! Click here and read the section called “Concentrate Story.”

Orange juice tankers, wine tankers . . . next floating milk tankers? Do they already exist? Coca-cola tankers? How about explosive champagne tankers?

All photos by will Van Dorp.