Thanks to Fred . . . (happy canaling soon) here are more shots of the erstwhile mystery ship less than five miles by air from the GW Bridge, true but misleading.



Thanks also to Dar, who located the unlocatable Evershed book, it’s a Groninger tjalk. How it got to the Hackensack, I’ve no clue. Wrong turn at the North Sea? Anyone know the owner?


Livet: a river town in eastern France? An apple brandy? Short for “live-aboard tjalk”? Names mislead; this is New Jersey, but “Zwartsluis” is a town in the eastern Netherlands province of OverIjssel. And it’s a barge town. If you’re adventuresome, see great fotos at this link, then navigate on left to “foto’s” and then “zwartsluis” and then the various “sleerbootdagen.” “Sleepboot” is Dutch for “Tugboat.”

See the rudder cable.


Cool anchor. So mystery remains . . . whose is it? Was it biglifted to New Jersey? More later I hope.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.