Our first boat had no name on its stern; it remained nameless because we had too many names. Now that it has gone the way of all wooden craft, we refer to it only by its manufacturer, which I will not write here. For your enjoyment, I’m revealing a few of my favorites. Please send yours.


Two of Escort‘s consorts are Consort and Guardian.


The “G” in “Big G” might possibly mean green, peagreen?


As Eastern Welder, by the hourglass shape hanging from the mast and the cable over the stern seems to be more about fishing than welding this particular morning, the name intrigues.

So, besides family names (Oldendorff, Moran, Reinauer), I like the “Seas” of K-Sea (I’ve never seen Sargasso Sea), but my favorites are the high energy names like Vertigo, Bolero, and Pic Saint Loup, a wine tanker. By the way, in French “loup” means “wolf.” Hmm. Today I just heard about Orange Wave coming into Port Newark. What color is what crests there?

So, send me your best ship names.

Oh, here… all photos, Will Van Dorp