Or . . . interruption. First, happy M-day to all the mothers in my lives. Of course, current marking of the day in the US has drifted quite a distance from Anna Jarvis original idea. An idea for this post just hatched, surfaced . . . or visitated me, as this finny one did last winter on a supercold sidewalk.



For the record, that’s one shot non-fotoshopped or altered in any way.  And proof of the existence of finnyfolk. Also, I’ve wanted to use this foto for a long time. But now let me get serious.



See the wood drifted onto the bank near Bay Ridge. It makes me grateful for gribbles; of course, dock owners aren’t so glad.

So why’s this a mothersdaypost? See this link about the North Pacific subtropical gyre. Some of the pictures of damage done by plastic are gruesome, as they should be to dramatize the need to care for motherEarth. Here’s another. Stop!!!!!!! for our Mother’s and our mothers’ sakes.

All photos and sentiments by Will Van Dorp.