Given the location, this might be named “not coexisting.” If the banks were littered with formerly sentient beings, it’d be called a beaching. Ghosts . . . certainly lurk in the phragmites.



First a sailing vessel, a classic ketch possibly.



then a variation on S. S. Minnow. Might that island have been in the Meadowlands and Mary Ann a Jersey girl . . . Ginger clearly Manhattan?



Owens? Chriscraft? Signs of torture or just disintegration? Someone’s idea of new places to start artificial reefs?



Rumor has it there’s a submarine farther upstream: another victim, perp, or coincidence? To be investigated later.

For now, some narratives might be . . . sail then power wood as indicator species of environmental condition? beings like salmon going upstream to mate? Loki‘s comeuppance? Contemporary pirates in the Meadowlands? Illegal disposal?

All photos by Will Van Dorp.