First, congratulations to Peter Mello for correctly identifying the yawl in Relief Crew 3 as Leilani. Check out his blog Sea Fever–great poem too–here. He’ll be relief crew soon. Thanks to Sail-Brooklyn, here‘s more info on Leilani (scroll down a bit). More info on Leilani’s builder appears in Portrait of a Port, one of my long-time favorite books. Close second goes to Bonnie, creator of the inimitable frogma, for passing along this link (click through for Leilani and her friends; hope she relief crews soon too.


The gratuitous photo above of Hudson ice was taken only six weeks ago; now that spring is here, I can bear to think of how cold early March was. I walked topless in the park today: I know… it wasn’t very interesting. Not much nudity on this site; I leave that mostly to my fellow-countryman, Meneer Boot. Any guesses who these handsome stockinged knees belong to?


Cristoforo Colombo, it is. A confession: I walked past this Central Park statue last week in the context of the Schooner Anne’s departure, and I had a renewed appreciation of him as an expedition leader. Against stupendous myth, he convinced a crew to sail off into the unknown. Tragic consequences may have come to a civilization from his discovery, but the courage to have ventured beyond reasonable boundaries as his crew did has to be admired. Bravissimo, Cristoforo.


Final note here: Schooner Anne’s tracking is working again. Find schooner Anne on the blogroll to the left and click. The carving above travels in her living space.