First, congratulations to Peter Mello for correctly identifying the yawl in Relief Crew 3 as Leilani. Check out his blog Sea Fever–great poem too–here. He’ll be relief crew soon. Thanks to Sail-Brooklyn, here‘s more info on Leilani (scroll down a bit). More info on Leilani’s builder appears in Portrait of a Port, one of my long-time favorite books. Close second goes to Bonnie, creator of the inimitable frogma, for passing along this link (click through for Leilani and her friends; hope she relief crews soon too.



The gratuitous photo above of Hudson ice was taken only six weeks ago; now that spring is here, I can bear to think of how cold early March was. I walked topless in the park today: I know… it wasn’t very interesting. Not much nudity on this site; I leave that mostly to my fellow-countryman, Meneer Boot. Any guesses who these handsome stockinged knees belong to?



Cristoforo Colombo, it is. A confession: I walked past this Central Park statue last week in the context of the Schooner Anne’s departure, and I had a renewed appreciation of him as an expedition leader. Against stupendous myth, he convinced a crew to sail off into the unknown. Tragic consequences may have come to a civilization from his discovery, but the courage to have ventured beyond reasonable boundaries as his crew did has to be admired. Bravissimo, Cristoforo.



Final note here: Schooner Anne‘s tracking is working again. Find schooner Anne on the blogroll to the left and click. The carving above travels in her living space.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.